Creative Coaching with dare
Deathpractice & Deathclown

I've decided to open up some spots for creative coaching. The focus of my approach is two-fold:

Deathpractice, which is an integration of nondual animistic practices including various kinds of meditation, dream practice, divination, somatics, biomechanics, hygiene and ritual - aimed at relating with reality in better ways so that as things die and when you die you can go in a good way, without resentment and aversions to pain, fear and hunger. Instead, through deathpractice you learn to ally with Pain, Fear and Hunger as wisdom forces, as you learn to relate with Death as True Mirror and Mother.  This goes beyond social justice to "soul justice". It is not some morbid fascination with grief and loss. It is a practice that helps us realize the loss of loss.

Deathclown is a theatrical, artistic application of deathpractice that involves using everything as material in the artmaking and soulmaking process. During a session someone once said I was like an "Idea Doula"; it's a good a term as any for what this work might feel like.

These sessions can be booked for personal and/or small groups.

Details & Logistics

Deathpractice and deathclown are inherently vitalizing practices. Contrary to popular belief, death is a kind of birth, and birth contains all sorts of energies -- pain, fear, desire, rage, love, humility, etc, all existing simultaneously within a whole system that is not in competition for space and time. It is our willingness to engage with these intense forces and our determination to gain the skill to do so in more creative ways that opens us up to more vitality and more sobriety, more maturity, and more playfulness.

All of these things require radical self-responsibility alongside collectivist mutual aid, consent alongside strong boundaries, nothing less than the total abolition of the internalized caste system within your heart, your mind, your body and your soul. The coordinated movements of both stabilization and destabilization within a multi-plural system called a human. Moving from colonial, fictional ideas of selfhood and individuality, into a much more expansive, collectivist truth about spirits and bodies and worlds within worlds. Animism as applied to not just material reality, but the place material reality comes from and returns to.

The practices require us to learn how to experience more with less. To give up our addictions and biases in order to actually be sane enough and respectful enough and responsive enough to be able to encounter real intimacy beyond the segregated confines of our modern ideals.

If all this sounds like something you'd like to engage with, the contact info is at the bottom of this page. Be forewarned - this is not western attachment therapy; this is not a coddling space. This is an adventure. (Yes, I am trained in many of the western therapeutic buzzwords, but I am not the kind of person you see for years to slowly get over being mad at mom and dad. While that type of counsel is necessary for some people, I am offering something else.)

The basic rate is sliding scale 300-150USD/hour over zoom. Sessions can range from 45 to 90-ish minutes depending on many factors such as your capacity to integrate and your previous experiences/skill with nonduality, somatics and artmaking, as well as how much energy I personally have to manage to hold space for your karma/fate. An initial session could be two hours long so plan and budget accordingly.

Other Notes:
These sessions can be used for personal and/or small group containers.

If you look around the site you will see other containers: many free podcasts and lectures, my blog, as well as a Deathpractice Group Series of seminars you can purchase individually. All of these may be more suited to your situation.


Please respect both our times by clearly communicating why you want to work with me & what you hope to learn and/or work on. 
Understand that I am selective with who I work with due to the intense spiritual and social issues that come from doing the kind of work I do and holding space in the way that I do in this western colonial context. We have lost a great deal of our integrity, and this is just one way I am trying to assist.

advanced or specialty sessions: