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2024 year of yang wood dragon talks

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Erin Langley & Claudia Anfuso


Erin Langley

Redacted 01

All the polished, packaged Dragon Year stuff is well and good, but if you’re a certain type of person, you’re not having it. Nothing you’ve ever read includes you. The world doesn’t even see you, has denied your existence, made you not only feel invisible, but literally erased your profound capacity and ungovernable function in the world. This world tells you to play by the rules, but gives you the wrong rule book. The Golden Rule book doesn’t apply to you. No book does. You have to do it your way.

You are the Wolf, or the descending shaman, words given to us by Liu Ming. Although he himself was not a Wolf, he mercifully had the capacity to name you. Obviously, the Wolf does not need to be legitimized, but so few of you have ever heard your own name that you might not even know that you exist, much less what you are capable of.

For the descending shaman, energetic honesty is the only kind that matters. Your truth can include lies, questionable choices, and whatever else needs to be done. You are your own ride or die because no one else shows up for you, and you wouldn’t trust them to anyway. Reviled, scapegoated, and shunned, the Wolf holds up a mirror to negativity, and forces us look at everything we don’t want to see. You criticize and dismantle as a way of life in solitary, brutal truth. If you recognize yourself in these words, you have to take everything anyone says with a grain of salt. Even this.

If the rest of the world thinks you’re harsh, we can’t imagine the scale of negativity that has paved the way for your power and your path. We are very unkind to you; even kindness can be unkind. Pushing positivity, precepts, and orthodoxy onto a Wolf only reflects our inability to see you. When we try to “reform” someone we can’t even see (and someone who doesn’t need to be fixed), we are reinforcing what you already know about the world—that you don’t belong here and we don’t know shit. Our attempts to “show you the light” castrate you, while paradoxically pushing you onto your path with our infuriating ignorance.

Why is this demanding to be written at the start of Dragon Year? Because no one under the sun escapes Dragon’s gaze. Not even Wolf. Dragon has the capacity to not only see and acknowledge, but to behold and value the descending shaman. There is a place for everyone in Dragon Year because Dragon Year is made of everyone. You point at the poor, the disabled, and the powerless. You point at yourself. These are the human sacrifices that hold up the “civilized” world. It’s no wonder you walk away.

You will never be popular, but Dragon demands, “Let it be known that the Wolf exists, and the Wolf is good.” But Dragon, too, from his societally-ordained position of power, is completely unqualified to describe you. You will have to keep showing us the way, your way. For you, this year will be more of the same crap. But perhaps for the first time in your life, you will look out into the sea of ignorant faces, and catch one wise pair of eyes looking back.

Gregory david done

starts at greg’s talk, minute 9.

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anne shelton

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the live talk recording:

Erin lejuene for dayuan circle


Scott Zook


Jacob Newell - Old Oak School of Dao

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Heiner freuhof

Tiff Linn

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