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“this means that the idea of masculinity and femininity is not a polar spectrum from “yang to yin”. in fact, believing so destroys the capacity to experience the energies we call yang and yin in a clear and lucid way. we just experience our delusion and say it is reality.” This is part of really feeling into a layering of reality that is everything all at once, which I believe we are learning to do once again. One of the magical aspects of all these sensory processing disorder Mumbo jumbo bs, we actually are reordering the human built reality to reflect the experience of our sensory reality, now.

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I loved hearing Tyson Yunkaporta talk about the pronoun 'we two' 'us two' in that talk you shared. I long for more pronouns and ways contextualizing through language that are actually relational this way. Let's really tell each other something with how we call ourselves and each other! I don't know what they are, but I like leaning into the inquiry. For me personally they/them is still sort of related to the gender binary, it feels so general and a good alternative to the meaninglessness and/or violence of she/him bigness, but yeah, looking forwardcto keep playing with folks on how we can speak to the qualities we sense and which give context to our relations in words and ways that actually add to the possibilities of how much aliveness we could connect with...instead of limiting them. I feel like it begins and continues with the spaces and relations where we really perceive each other in the queer spaciousness that has no f-ing notion of the others' particular configuration and can inhabit both the electrifying heat and empty chill of not knowing as we venture into contact.

Glad to see your thoughts here in this new venue. Congrats on the move! Ha.

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"indigenous wisdom, queer ecology and disability justice remind us that the only path toward universal or nondual love, is through deep recognition of the diverse and specific forms, bodies and ecologies that relationships actually exist in and as." This is pulling on a thread in me about "comprehensibility" as a survival strategy; the brittleness of colonial attachment where to be in a dissolving/morphing process totally overwhelms the very narrow capacity for accompaniment and tries to shut down the shapeshifting through rescuing or exiling. There is so little developmental modelling for "being where we are," in exactly the gesture and rhythm of our bodies, and the kind of mutual improvising that can come out of that unadorned following of what's actually happening. Part of my system still find it terrifying to meet other humans from that place, especially because all of the messy ghost-protector-shapings live in that gap between comprehensible and real. Chronic illness and other forms of life disintegration have been cutting through the bullshit though, bringing me to places where the scripts just don't work anymore and challenging me to meet others from this space of not-knowing where the continuity comes not from the familiar/comprehensible, but from that moment to moment adherence to what is in the process of becoming.

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I need a little more help with where we shall draw the line on the utility of binaries. For one thing, it’s amazing what a computer can do with one’s and zeros. And I feel lately struck by the material duality of the process of membering and the counter process of dismembering- the opposites of when something integrates (death) and differentiates- a new life form. These ideas feel somewhat cosmic to me and beyond philosophy. I wonder about the implication of matter and dark matter, and whether there is an oppositional aspect to the fabric of space itself or if this is just me picking the easier thought process. (For instance, quantum computing does not rely on a binary. So maybe it’s existence explodes the concept? I do think there’s a pretty good chance though that human brains are jus better at binaries as they are easier)

I definitely find poetic utility in yin and Yang but don’t have much philosophical grounding in these concepts. I also deeply value the quality of the liminal- which is presented in Greek mythology, and arises out of a binary.

Binaries are useful in maths and logic so I still feel they are helpful for us basic brains that need ‘thesis-antithesis-synthesis’ in order to reach new conclusions or deeper understanding.

I feel there is maybe a destinction between the political social idea of binary and the philosophical or materialist use of the concept, (the latter is the one I’m interested in) but I’m finding these concepts are blurring, so that to approach anything in a binary logic is somehow to occupy the mindset of the establishment, mainstream, post colonial and dominance models. Which might just be honest of me at the end of the day since I’ve emerged from exactly that world, been eaten by it twice, but these days I’m not too interested in morality for the sake of correctness. I’d rather be wrong and open than right and tight 😄

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You’re like water in the desert. Oh wait that’s a wet/dry binary! 😉 Glad to find you here. Have been missing your Facebook wisdom.

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